More Kit Beer

So I haven’t been able to find a (sensibly priced) 40L cooking pot, so Im still not in a position to be able to make a full grain brew. I think I’ll have another go at a kit brew – this time I’ve gone for a Pilsner from Black Rock. I know it’s (allegedly) a bit trickier making lighter beers but to be honest, it was the middle of summer and I really didn’t fancy anything heavy. Same drill as before – I followed the exact steps as before (from my copious notes taken throughout each stage of the process last time).

The main difference this time is that I get all my water from the tap at Speight’s Brewery. It’s un-chlorinated so I don’t need to spend hours at the kitchen sink pissing around with the filter.

  • 11g US SafeAle 05 in 100ml of warm water (35deg, cooled from boiling)
  • 8L water, brought to the boil
  • add 820g white sugar, stir
  • add contents of can, stir and bring back to boil
  • cooled to 24deg (20 mins, improvement on last time)
  • pour from a height into the (sanitized) fermenting bin to aerate
  • pitch the yeast solution
  • SG measured at 1.040 (adjusted to 1.0428 for wort temperature of 24deg)

As last time, the heat mat gets switched on 24hrs later, and 12 hours after that, the bubbling starts. Because of a heatwave, the wort temporarily goes up to between 24 and 26deg – probably didn’t need the heat mat at all, hopefully this won’t affect the brew too badly. One thing I need to get is a decent thermometer, the plastic strips on the side of the fermenter are pretty fucking useless.

Anyway, FFWD 3 weeks and the bubbling has stopped, so we open up the fermenter, measure the SG at 1.004 (adjust up to 1.0057 because the wort is sitting at 23deg) and bottle the fuck out of that shit. 25 x 750ml – I hope it’s alright…


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