Let’s brew us some CIDER!

Well, it’s going to be pear cider, which is called ‘perry’ in some parts of the world, but the word ‘perry’ just reminds me of Kevin & Perry so we’ll stick with pear cider I think. I’ve poured all 12 litres of juice into my freshly sterilised fermenter and popped a couple of crushed Campden tablets in to deal with the natural yeast and any other organic growth. I’m fairly sure that any living organisms of the class Insecta would have been crushed to death long ago (that’ll be earwigs, mainly, but also could include ants, fruit fly maggots and those horrid little stripy wormy things that you find half-in and half-out of windfalls) but sodium metabisulphite would surely finish off any stragglers, if not drowning.

I leave the Campden tabs a couple of days to work their evil magic then I pop in a sachet of Mad Millie’s Cider Yeast (11g) – just sprinkle it on the top of the must. The SG comes out at 1.050 which (surprise surprise) adjusts down to 1.0480 for a temperature of 16 deg.

Lid on, airlock filled (I use a few ml of StarSan solution, rather than just water) and heat mat in place (but off). Bish bash bosh.



2 thoughts on “Let’s brew us some CIDER!

  1. It seems we are in a ‘stuck fermentation’ situation. There was a healthy (although not OTT amount of bubbling after 24hrs but it only lasted three or four days. There was an odd smell too (I think) – quite a yeasty, biscuity aroma in the room. I will (reluctantly) draw off 100ml to take a hydrometer reading and again in a couple of days’ time. Hairy bumholios.


  2. Uh oh. 3 days later and the SG was identical. 1.010.
    Not finished fermenting. I tried sloshing the fermenter about a bit, hoping that would reawaken the yeast. Nope. Then a couple of days later I added some more yeast. Nuh-uh. OK, I think my cider is broken. If it wasn’t broken, just finished, it probably is broken now, due to the length of time it’s sat waiting to be attacked by airborne infections. I’ll rack it off to another vessel and see if it settles down a bit (it’s not just cloudy, it’s virtually solid). But I’m not holding out much hope for this one. Curses, that was ALL of my pear juice too…


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