Bottling it all up

I’m not convinced about this perry. Not at all. But I’m going to bottle it anyway, and see what happens. I mean, for the price of a few sugar cubes and a bit of work washing out and sterilising and all that malarkey, I might just get a drinkable product out of it.

To counteract the extra yeast I had added to the pear must a week or so previously, I racked all the perry off to a new fermenter about a week ago and kept it in the fridge. Hopefully this would clear some of the hideous sludgy appearance and overly yeasty smell. I know most of it will probably settle out after bottling but the less that goes into the bottle to start with, the better, right?

So, I spend a full couple of hours cleaning out last year’s cider bottles (brown PET) and we’re ready to go. Oh, I ran out of carbonation drops and Baylis had too, so I had to make do with good old sugar from the kitchen. I primed each bottle with a teaspoon full of bog standard white cane sugar, and this time I’ve decided to ring the changes and introduce ‘artificial’ sweetness as well.

The pears were sooo sweet when I juiced them, but completely tasteless after fermentation, so I need to re-introduce some sweetness for palatability’s sake. This I hope to achieve with varying amounts of powdered lactose (an unfermentable sugar). Some bottles received 1tsp, some 2 and a couple 3. It doesn’t taste too sweet when I dab a little on my tongue, certainly not like cane sugar, but I’m mindful of the fact that it’s a laxative, and I don’t want to make this drink too sweet anyway. I have no idea what will work, hence the varying amounts.

The crate of 13 bottles is now under the bed, hopefully the warmth will reinvigorate the yeast, and we’ll get some fizz on. We’ll see in 3 or 4 weeks’ time…


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