Perry nice indeed

It is with some trepidation that I open the first bottle of Taylor’s Pear Cider. Or perry, as it should properly be named.

When I last saw it, it was a foul looking dark liquid, only slightly less unappetising than effluent run off from a dairy pasture. It’s been in a box under the bed, hopefully conditioning for a couple of weeks and I am desperately curious to discover whether it was all a waste of time and effort. I also want to know if I even like perry, I can’t say as I’ve ever tried it. And I don’t actually like pears, I don’t like that gritty texture that they mostly have. So it’s going to need to be pretty good to impress me…

Fizzy gravy or perry?

Pear cider (or perry)

Anyway, it opens with a very satisfying pssssch. It’s carbonated well in a fortnight or so. The wife recently bought me a decent sized glass (NZ pubs don’t really do proper pint glasses, so I’ve never really managed to acquire a drinking vessel that will hold (most of) a bottle of homebrew) so I can pour almost the whole lot in one go.

It’s still very dark and moody looking, it hasn’t cleared at all. The bubbles are quite lively and large, like those bestowed upon a drink by a Sodastream. I don’t know how one gets fine velvety bubbles in ones drink, I certainly have not hit upon the secret with this beverage. There is almost no odour, but when I get to taste it I am overwhelmingly impressed with how un-foul it is! The first thing I notice is that it tastes pretty much of apple cider, I can hardly discern the pears. It’s nice though, and I think that the 5ml of lactose that I popped into each bottle has really done the trick, taken the edge off the dryness. If I had to use one adjective to describe it though, it would be ‘crisp’. It’s light and refreshing and would be great on a hot day with a BBQ. Probably won’t last until next summer though…

My calculations at bottling time were something in the region of 5% but it tastes weaker than that. Not that I’m worried, I need to start producing some less than tramp-strength refreshments. I’ve held off naming it up until now, given that its very potability was in the balance, but I think it (the remaining dozen bottles) shall henceforth be known as ‘A Cracking Pear Cider’. Smutty names rule.

A cracking pear

labelled up


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