Block, A New Kid On The…

Dunedin isn’t exactly blessed with homebrew shops. There are two, to my knowledge – one of which is actually a chemist that just happens to sell a bit of alcohol-making equipment. We have a handful of online brewshops but it’s nice to actually go into a store and talk to people and get advice and shit.

Imagine my delight then, to discover that there is a new retailer in town, called Brewphoria (cool name, guys). A work colleague flicked me a link to their website, which is actually pretty impressive (impressive in NZ terms, you understand) even though it’s just a WordPress template jobby. I mean, it’s got a decent search function and proper checkout etc so in NZ this counts as fucking advanced. I was astounded to find that they actually have a physical store in South Dunedin. I’m about ready to do my first all-grain number, and I was planning on dragging my arse over to Caversham to visit the MaltHouse but I think I’ll try Brewphoria instead. I have absolutely no loyalty to any store over any other, I am a brewing whore and I’ll go wherever I want.

So, after finding a nice oatmeal stout recipe on Beersmith, I draw up a shopping list (thoughtfully converting all the imperial measures into metric as I go) and head over the Prince Albert St in the Southest of South Dunedin. It takes me 20 minutes of driving up and down the street to actually find the bloody place, it hides by virtue of the fact that even though there is a large logo in the window, there is no signage above the walkway/arcady thing. Anyway, in I wander and it’s really just an empty premises with racks of grain tubs on one wall and some fridges on the other. It’s really basic, but the staff are super friendly and helpful and they have pretty much everything I need, and for the items they don’t have, they are able to offer a suitable alternative. That was one of the cool features of their website – if you search for a specific hop for instance, and they don’t stock it, they have tagged the nearest alternative so that you don’t have to leave empty handed.

So, 5 types of grain, 3 types of hop and a sachet of yeast later (not to mention a good chat about brewing, and my cider making), I’m out the door, lighter by 50 bucks. I’ll be going back there, for sure.

I don’t have time to do this brew today, and I would probably benefit from reading up on all grain brewing in How To Brew one more time before I start. Next week hopefully.


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