Prairie Oatmeal Stout (My First All Grainer) – the tasting

Well, it’s not the first tasting, I tasted it after three weeks or so or so and it tasted fucking awful. So bad, in fact, that I was seriously considering pouring it all down the sink. I know three weeks isn’t enough to condition it properly, but I’ve tasted my extract beers after three weeks and although they clearly weren’t finished, they at least showed some promise. This showed no promise whatsoever, it looked and tasted like really weak gravy, and I was getting quite pissed off at the waste of grain, hops, yeast, butane and whole lot of TIME.

Some sort of brewery magic has evidently happened in the three weeks since I last tasted it, because when I open a bottle tonight, it’s actually palatable. More than palatable, in fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s quite good! It’s not going to win any prizes at the county fair but I don’t think I’m going to be embarrassed giving it to friends. I’ll certainly not be chucking it down the gurgler.

Breakfast of champions

It’s impenetrably dark in colour, not much of a head but fizzy enough. Not much in the way of hoppiness, I was hoping for a bit more aroma but it’s the first time I’ve added hops to anything, so I have to feel my way a bit. Pleased to report absolutely no off tastes though – it’s slightly watery but nothing like as bad as the first time, and it may continue to improve yet. A faintly smoky taste in the mouth, and pleasantly bitter after taste and using my powers of guesswork I’d say it’s probably a bit under the 5% claimed by the recipe, more like 4 but not bad at all.

First all grain brew is a success! Now I have to think of a name for it and print off some labels.


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