The ultimate fermentation aid…

Holy fuckamole this is a big piece of kit. This monster is a Jouan EG 115 IR incubator.  A laboratory incubator from a hospital. Before you ask, I have acquired it legitimately – it was surplus to requirements! It’s in perfect working order (as far as I am aware) and would probably have cost several thousand smackers when it was new but if you work in a hospital (as I do) and happened to be in the right place at the right time (as I was) then a donation of $20 and a couple of bottles of home brew will secure one.

Fuck off great heavy Incubator

My big fat medical incubator

I have no idea if it will actually do the trick, but I don’t see why not. The main chamber looks about big enough for a 40L fermenter, and the operating temperature is 0 deg to 37 deg which will be more than sufficient for brewing. And given that it’s a proper scientific instrument, it’s probably accurate to within 0.1 of a degree or something. Even a tolerance of 0.5 deg will be considerably better than my current set up, a rickety old fridge hooked up to the ubiquitous STC1000. Another very cool feature is that it has the ability to control humidity and oxygen / CO2 content, once I can find some instructions in English. A cursory look on the interweb reveals user manuals in French, Arabic and Thai only. This would be a great tool in the war against infection…

It’s going to have to live in the garage for a time (it weighs in at around 150Kg), while I create a space for it in the basement. When I remodel the brewery/man-cave I will need to take this into account when rebuilding the floor. I don’t want it crashing through the floorboards and spilling precious beer everywhere.

It apparently came from the fertility department at the hospital, so it might have been responsible for creating human life – this very incubator could have been the starting point for IVF embryos. Or it might have just been where they warmed up their pizza for lunchbreak.

Either way, I’ll be sure to give it a thorough scrub before I attempt to make beer in it…


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