What the marketing department said…

I love brewing. Duh. I love drinking my beer. I love drinking other people’s beer. I also love spending loads of time thinking up names for my creations and then drawing up a label for the bottles. I probably spend as much time fiddling about with Google Images and Photoshop as I do actually brewing. A lot of brewers I know don’t even bother to remove the original label off the recycled bottle they’ve put their concoction into. Most of my bottles are ex-Speight’s or DB though, so there’s no way I want people thinking of those pissy mouthwash beers while they’re drinking mine! So, I re-label.

I don’t have designs on brewing commercially – I’m happy swapping amongst friends and fellow brewers and that’s the way it will stay. It is a hobby and nothing more. I do like a good label though, and yesterday I knocked up some ‘branding’  for the last two ‘product lines’ to come out of  the ‘Taylor’s of Maori Hill’ cellar door (cider and pale ale). I’ve decided to do this part only after the beer/cider has been tasted and is verified ‘good’. I don’t want to waste a killer name on a duff brew! I found niice.co to be a brilliant source of high quality, unusual and arty images, but the fonts I use are straight out of Word, and I’m certainly no graphic designer so the finished article is rough and ready and definitely home made. Like the beer 🙂

noclassI was struggling to come up for a witty, original name for the pale ale that was just about finished conditioning in my kegerator, but then one of my all time musical heroes went and died. As far as I know, Lemmy was not a big fan of homebrew or pale ale of any description. It’s fairly well documented that he preferred Jack Daniels and amphetamines, but I figured that he probably wouldn’t mind me dedicating a beer to him. It’s around 5% so at least it’s not totally insulting to the gods of excess.


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