Two words. Fuck Stevia.

So, the best thing about my batch of stevia-sweetened cider is that I only made a dozen bottles.

Jeez, it was rank. I put varying amounts of the ‘magic’ green powder in different bottles, ranging from 1/16 tsp to 1/2 tsp, some with additional lactose, some not. The ones with lactose are just about bearable, but the stevia-heavy bottles are virtually undrinkable. Disappointing to say the least. I could live with the appearance – it’s not just cloudy, it’s positively bitty and it’s obvious that stevia is not in the slightest bit soluble. It looks like pondwater, literally. I could almost live with the initial taste – it’s sort of sweet. Weird, but sort of sweet. It’s the aftertaste that’s the killer blow, and something that I can’t ignore. It’s foul. Fucking foul.

So, the rest is going to be added to Dunedin City Council’s waste water system. Sigh.

I offered the rest of the stevia powder to the wife, for baking purposes. The response is unprintable.


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