Chocs away

Before this Chocolate Stout went into the fermenter it tasted divine. Absolutely amazing. I don’t really remember tasting at bottling time, but it smelt great though.

When I cracked open the first bottle two weeks later though, I was in heaven for about 10 seconds. Delicious chocolatey aroma, good solid stout taste with a gorgeous chocolate overtone. Wow, this was some amazing shit I’d knocked together out basically out of my head. Then the bitter aftertaste kicked in. And I mean really kicked. Not a hoppy bitterness, but a raw cacao bitterness. If you let the yeast eat all the sugar in your chocolate, what’s left is really quite bitter. It begs the question, what the fuck were the Aztecs or whoever it was that invented chocolate thinking? Did someone say “guys I know these weird beans taste like battery acid, but trust me, put some sugar (which we, as a society, don’t even have yet) on them and people are going to go nuts for this shit, I’m telling you”. And it’s quite a pervasive and long lasting aftertaste too.

Needless to say I was mighty pissed off that I was going to have to pour 20L down the gurgler. Two tins of extract, 1KG of supplement, 500g of DME and a speciality yeast, not to mention a perfectly good slab of choc. Wasted!

Or was it?

A couple of weeks later I came in a little drunk and decided to give it another try. It had improved, and quite a lot. The bitterness has sort of subsided, to the point where it’s approaching drinkable. It’s not carbonated to my liking, but it’s still early days. I think I’ll keep this, as it should improve still further.



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