Luke, I am your Grainfather

OK, daft puns out of the way, let’s get down to business.

I’ve managed to persuade the wife to let me buy myself a fairly expensive Christmas present this year. I’ve driven cars that cost less than this bad boy but I’ve lusted after one for a long time now and it’s the logical next big-ticket piece of equipment for my set up. And I saved up for 2 years for it, so why the fuck not?! The kids can have shoes next Christmas.

I’d not seen one up close before, let alone used one so when I took it out of the box I was actually slightly underwhelmed by how small it was. It’s amazing that something so compact can do so much. It’s immediately noticeable that this thing is seriously well made. I’m so used to shit quality merchandise from China (i.e. pretty much everything available for sale in NZ) that to hold solid, precision made stainless steel pipework in my hands is something of a novelty. I can see where the $1150 went. Considering it’s manufactured in NZ by an NZ company (iMake), just over a grand seems quite reasonable really. Once assembled, it’s a thing of beauty. Stainless steel always looks good, but this seems to be really well designed too, light and portable and nicely presented. They include spares of the silicon parts and a variety of hose attachments to get it hooked up to your water supply. Apparently the modules (pump motor, heating element, temperature control etc) are interchangeable and upgradeable and that means the failure of one doesn’t mean the whole thing’s

Haven’t managed to brew with it yet, too busy with Christmas etc etc but I have given it a cleaning cycle. Really impressed with the element – when it’s in 2KW mode it’s basically an outsized domestic kettle, and boils up the water in no time.The pump is great – no more siphoning or stuggling across the basement carrying large vats of boiling liquid. The only downside that I can see is the amount of disassembly and cleaning that will be necessary after each brew.

I can’t wait to use it for real !


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